Thursday, 23 February 2017

Our Walk

We went for a walk along the Tamaki river. It was dirty because of all the rubbish. We saw a road cone, a big lid, a Fanta bottle, old underwear, car tyre, plastic bottles. We should not throw these things in the ocean because it is not healthy for the fish.

Image result for road cone  Image result for big lid rubbish

Image result for fanta bottle Image result for old underwear

Image result for car tyre    Image result for plastic bags Image result for plastic bags

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Looking after the environment

We have to recycle.

We have to use rubbish bins.

We must keep the rivers and streams clean.

We can pick up all the rubbish.

Things we can recycle are

Plastic Bottles

Image result for recycle plastic bottles
Image result for recycle paper

Image result for recycle cans


Image result for recycling glass